Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Green Knot Looking Thing

For lack of a better title....I'm not so enthusiastic about blogging right now. I'm not enthusiastic about much of anything right now. A summer cold has struck and has completely made me miserable.

So, just a little bit of something that I've been working on. I fell in love with the Celtic Knot Stole pattern and knew that I had to make one. When my LYS had the yarn sale going on, I found this shade of Cotton Fine and there was just enough of it for the stole. I don't have much done yet, as it takes a bit of time to get through each pattern row.

I figure I have about a third of the first knot done. This is a project that will be something to work on only when I am alone and will not be interrupted. My goal is to have the first knot fully done but the 28th. I better get to knitting!

Monday, August 18, 2008

When Life Gets In The Way

I know that there have been a lack of blog posts here lately. I apologize for that, especially when I was updating regularly!

I have done so much knitting! I don't have much to show for it though because of working on so many projects at once!

I'm planning to do some uploading of pictures in the next few days, and hopefully will have some decent blog posts. I love the scheduling feature and will probably be using that for my next few posts, just so it doesn't seem like I've completely abandoned this place.

Life has been crazy. Blogging hasn't been a priority. Knitting has been though, and I find that comforting.

Until later...