Thursday, April 30, 2009

Project April: Fluff Scarf

Month: April

Project: Fluff Scarf

Status: Completed

This scarf was easy enough to finish. It just involved sitting down and finishing it. The shedding throughout was horrible, so that's going to mean watching what I wear clothing wise if I ever do wear this scarf. The yarn was fun to knit with though, soft and colorful. It's done, it toook me long enough, and I love how it turned out in the end.

April's Completed Project



(Yes, I backdated this...)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Knit Socks? Me? NEVER!!!

I was one of those knitters that was never going to knit socks. I didn't want to waste my knitting time on something that no one's going to see unless I pull up the leg of my pants, show while the sock was a WIP, or carry around a finished sock. No sock knitting for me.

Then I have a really great friend (who knows how much I hate her in the most loving way for this) who tells me to knit just one pair. See if I like it, be able to say that hey, I knitted a pair of socks.

All throughout the leg I'm going on about how much I hate knitting socks, I'm never making another pair. This one pair is it and then I'm done.

Not the case. I was in love with socks as soon as I turned the heel.

So what do I get for myself on Saturday? Socks A La Carte: Pick and Choose Patterns to Knit Socks Your Way.

I can not wait to work on a pair of socks from this book. You can choose the cuff, leg, and heel/toe that you want to use for a pair of socks. It even has a section with the pages in thirds so that you can flip the page for each element of the sock to have a small "preview" of what your sock will look like.

Right now I'm working on a pair of Jaywalkers. I'm using
Patons Stretch Sock in the Licorice colorway. It's a yarn that pools, so I wanted to pick out a pattern that would work well with pooling yarn. I also decided to use this yarn with the pattern because the pattern doesn't have a lot of give to it. With the stretchiness of this yarn I'm making the smallest size given. The pattern is easy to remember and I'm loving how it's working up with this yarn.

It's an odd yarn to work with because of how it stretches. Talk about not holding the yarn taunt as you work with it. My knitting seems to be coming out evenly though.

Here's how the leg on the first sock looks. I'm working on the heel flap section now, and it should be easy flying with the rest of the sock after that. I really just want to turn the heel. It's just magical, the best part of the sock!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Project April: Fluff Scarf

Month: April

Project: Fluff Scarf

Status: 80% Completed

I'm choosing this project for April because I am nearly finished with it, and I'd like to be finished with it. I had to frogged it when I was almost done knitting it the first time. Here's to hoping that doesn't happen to me again.

I'm following the One Row Reversible Scarf pattern (Ravelry page here). It's an easy, lacy pattern to follow. This pattern can also become mindless knitting after you get the first few rows established.

I'm knitting the scarf from Yarn Bee Featherwisp. Nice yarn in the skein, so soft to the touch, love the colors, love the shine. The one downfall? This yarn sheds like no other yarn! I've got more of this yarn in my stash. I can't wait to work with it, except for the shedding. Needless to say, this scarf, and any others, will be reserved for knitting at home. I don't want to leave a pile of fur somewhere. I'm much too nice of a girl for that!

This picture is not updated, but it's what I'm working on. I've gotten a lot more knitted than that.

April's Project of the Month


Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Duct Tape Knitted Prom Dress

Found this video while checking the news on

I know that Duct Tape can be used for absolutely anything. I've even heard of the Duct Tape Prom. But this is new to me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Motivation

I've not had much motivation to blog lately. I've got some movies to blog about, some projects to blog about, and a trip to the frog pond.

I think I'm hiding how I'm really feeling, mentally. My sleep is so off. It's been hard to get out of bed this week and do much of anything. My sleep is so off. I'm thinking this is not a good thing and I need something done about it. But I just don't know what.

Something just isn't right. And I don't know what that something is. :(

Let's add that I didn't get the job. :(