Monday, March 24, 2008

Just General Updates

Okay, so I was going to post that picture. I completely forgot and don't have access to the photo right now. But soon, I promise it will be up.

I've been slaving over the Sunshine Bright blanket because I really need to get it done. Plus, I want to start another blanket (as a gift) and I want it done on the same size needles. If only I could knit both at the same bloody time! I don't think my needles, or myself, can work with 4oo and some odd stitches at the same time. I'll get Sunshine done quickly I believe. It's pretty easy to work up, and easy is always a good thing.

My Crisscross scarf is coming along well. I know I'll have more than enough yarn to work up a matching hat. It'll just go along with that matching hat/scarf fetish I have!

I've been adding to my queue on Ravlery like I don't have enough projects to make already. One day I figure I'll get around to making them.

Knitting groups three nights this week. Yay for all that knitting time!!!! Now, if I just wouldn't talk as much I might get more knitting done...

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