Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Break Knit-A-Thon...With Pictures!

So, this past week has been my Spring Break. I've got so much done, both knitting and non-knitting alike.

I taught myself how to do entrelac and I came up with this:

I've since seamed it and debating on what to do with it now. Either a bag or a pillow I suspect, as it's the right size for either. Making it a bag means lining it....I can live with that I guess. How much can I do on a sewing machine?

Next up are my Two-At-A-Time Socks. I've never knitted socks before in my life! And I figured, since I had to make them at some point this year to please some people and to show that I'm able to knit socks (because what am I not able to knit?), I decided that I'd just make them both at the same time. I figured that I'd just be Miss Fancy Pants by making them this way. Of course, showing them off at knitting group on Tuesday got me to teach another class next month on this exact technique. I really need to work on my sock making now!

Next up is the picture I took of my Sunshine Bright blanket. I'm making it for a gift for someone I work with. I really need to take an updated picture as I've gotten so much more done.


morgan said...

I taught myself the entrelac too and made the danica scarf for my husband, I like that technique and yours is looking great!

morgan said...

oh and: happy I found your blog! I like it!