Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Joy of Last Minute Gifting

So, someone I work with has a birthday tomorrow, the person I work most closely with (does that sentence even make sense?). Well, I had always planned on knitting her a cupcake because she's trying to lose weight.

SURPRISE! Her birthday is TOMORROW!

Thank goodness for the love of Ravelry where I can quickly type in "cupcake" in the pattern search and come up with what it is that I'm looking for!

At knitting group tonight I'm going to declare myself in a "No Talking Zone" so that I can get most of it, if not all of it done, while there. Everyone will want to know what I'm doing of course, and I'm a pretty fast knitter, so I should have nothing to worry about. I even called up my LYS to see if they had the needles that I would need so that I didn't have to worry about running someplace else prior to group.

We'll see how this goes.....


morgan said...

don't forget to put up a picture of it - so sweet of you for thinking about her birthday ànd her diet :D

morgan said...

and you're right: Ravelry is the best!