Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Leaning Tower of Malabrigo...(And Lots of Photos!)

Okay, maybe not so much a leaning tower. It is a tower of Malabrigo though, which I wound last night at my LYS. All the pretty colors of Malabrigo, just waiting to be knitted up into something. The larger skeins are the Worsted Weight Malabrigo and the two smaller skeins at the top are Lace Weight Malabrigo. Isn't it just lovely?!

With the larger skeins I'm going to make the Booga Bag. The yellow and purple will be one bag, the green and purple another bag, and the pink/blue/purple another bag. With the lace I'm planning on making Juno Regina from Knitty. Just so that I'm not left with a bit of the pattern to go and no yarn, I'm going to knit it in two pieces and then graft them together. I was given other ideas, but I think that grafting is the way to go.

And just because I feel like it, I'm going to post all my Malabrigo pictures!

It's just lovely, isn't it. Of course, I can't get Blogger to make everything organized the way I want it. Go figure.

I got some other yarn too, that I still need to take pictures of. Eventually it'll have to be done so that I can get it up on Ravelry in my stash. At least with Ravelry my dear readers, you know that you'll eventually get pictures of my yarn and FOs...And in some cases UFOs.

Tonight's knit in is at an ice cream place! How awesome is that?!