Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Too Many Gifts, Not Enough Time

Okay, so the time is winding down in the school year and I'm working hard to get things done that are gifts for people I work with. One thing has to be sent through school mail, so that's one of the top priorities, as it's for someone I worked with last year. And she deserves something really nice.

Now, onto the projects.

First up is the baby blanket for someone at work. She's due any day now. We're getting together a basket. What could be better than putting in a hand knit blanket? She's having a girl as far as we all know, so it's in pink and white. I'm using Bernat's Sweet Stripes.

I've gotten a bit more done since I've taken this picture. I hope to have half of it done by tomorrow.

Next up is a lace scarf. I'm using the Branching Out pattern from Knitty. I'm also going to use the lace pattern to make a matching hat (because a scarf can't just be by itself. It MUST have a matching hat.


This pattern is so easy! I'm really into lacework right now.

I have no new pictures of my Sunshine Bright blanket. I should take a new one of those and post it though.

I have another update planned, so it shall come soon!

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morgan said...

all looking fabulous!!!