Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sock Plunge III, Week 3 Goals

So here we are, the start of week three, and I'm still on track. Yesterday I achieved a huge head start on this week by getting the entire leg knitted of the first sock of my third pair. Today, I've finished the heel flap, turning the heel, and the gusset decreases. I've got a good bit of the instep already knitted. I'd feel extremly accomplished if I could have this sock done tomorrow! It's quite possible, but life has a way of happening and destinies change. I just feel good about having this much of the sock done at the end of Monday.

I'm knitting the Jaywalker pattern in Patons Stretch, Sugar colorway.


Fluzz said...

Busy busy busy! You'll be set for socks for life at this rate ;)

Anonymous said...

I have my eye on a pair of Jaywalkers to :) I hope you enjoy the pattern.

I agree - 52 pairs of socks is a lot! Are you able to do baby/toddler socks in your total count? It's the only way I would manage a challenge like this. Not that I would sign up for it this year... already doing NaKniSweMoDo09...