Monday, June 18, 2007

When Bad Things Happen To Good Knitters #1

So, as I'm figuring this will turn out to be something that I post on more than a few occasions, I'm just going to start a small collection.

So, that baby blanket....You must think it's finished since I'm posting, right? It's off the needles. But... (you were anticipating that, right?) Somewhere along the line I dropped a stitch and after all the times of having it on the floor or a table to measure it I didn't catch it! Until after I bound off and was smoothing out the blanket. Oh, and the thing's not even square. It's more like an isosceles trapezoid (boy, I'm sounding smart today!).

I don't like how the blanket looks. I'd hate to give it in all honesty. I think some major frogging is in order dear readers. And then possibly I'll just tuck the yarn away in my stash and go back to it at a later time. Or I'll just do my own thing with it, create my own baby blanket. That's sounding like a brilliant plan. Or just go for a different pattern on Bernat's website. There's one that you knit diagonally. That one can't be as bad, right?

Right! I'm printing the pattern for it, then frogging away and starting over again.

And then if this one doesn't work out...

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