Saturday, June 30, 2007

When did I buy that yarn and what was I going to make with it?

Don't you love when you buy yarn and right then and there it has a purpose? Then, when you get it home, it might possibly hit your yarn stash and you'll start the project after you finish another one. Later on you go to put more yarn into your stash and come across this yarn that you purchased and you can't remember what for.

This is what just happened to me.

All my yarn is currently being stored in airtight plastic containers (9 total. 4 are 56 gallons, 5 are 66 gallons.) So I went to see if I could find some room for some newly acquired yarn. Amazingly in two totes there is room still left. But then I started looking at some of what I had that I had forgotten about. I saw this yarn and I was like, "I have this for a reason. What was the reason?" And then I found all this white and I'm picking my brain trying to figure out what it's for.

Then I remember.

Apparently I have much more charity knitting to do that I remembered. Not only for things at the LYS, but for other charity knitting too.

And not only do I have those things to do, but I also have Christmas presents to finish for my mom's friends. She wanted me to make seven scarves. No problem, I can make them quickly.

I now can't remember how many I have completed. I'm thinking 4 or 5. I've currently got a started one sitting in my lap.

I also have another scarf for someone else for Christmas to finish that she doesn't know about.

Let's not forget the M&M's blanket - that was supposed to be done for last Christmas.

So now it's time to put everything for me aside and knit like crazy for the holidays.

I vow to get everything completed somehow.

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