Monday, May 12, 2008

I Have Finished Objects!

*All links are to patterns today.

Okay, so I really only have one finished object. But one is better than none, right?

Just a few minutes ago I finished my Branching Out Scarf for a gift. The pattern and I didn't get along all weekend. Thankfully I had my lifeline in and could tear out to that spot. I want to make a hat and scarf for myself using this pattern, but it's time for a break from it.

My baby blanket was a hit at work. Everyone was commenting on it. The comments weren't really a big deal since it was so simple to knit, even though I appreciated them. The simplicity of projects don't warrant such wonderful comments in my mind I guess, even though they are nice. The baby blanket is just like a large dishcloth. The basket of goodies was taken to the recipient this weekend I believe.

Off to work on something else. My Juno Regina is coming along nicely. I'm almost finished with my Awareness Ribbon Scarf that's a gift.

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