Sunday, January 18, 2009

Knitting Plans 2009

Here are my knitting plans of 2009.

1. Finish at least one project a month.
2. Update Ravelry as needed
3. Use more yarn from my stash and stop buying so much! Only buy if there's nothing in my stash that will work.
4. Update my blog. Try for once a week.

Let's see how long these plans hold up!

What I'm working on now (links to my Ravelry Project Page):

Warm Color Endpaper Mitts

Cheshire Cat Stole
Fluffy Lace Scarf

So hopefully sometime this month one of the three will be completed!


MORGAN said...

sounds great!!!!!

MORGAN said...

I have some similar plans:
- use more yarn from my stash and only buy for special occasions
- every month a pair of mitts, or at least every 2 months, because they are my favorite kind of project... (FGF Club 2009)
- more FO's and less startitis

Christina =^) said...

sounds good! now i need to buckle down and do the same! =^)