Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The "Other" Four Letter "S" Word

The other four letter "S" word could be one of two words right now. Let's start with this one.


Yes, it's a four letter knitting word. I swore I'd never knit socks, never waste my time on a knitted project that no one would really see. What is the point? No, I'm not going to knit socks and you can't make me! EVER.

No longer can I say that. I have started knitting a pair of socks, my first pair of socks. These will not be my last pair either.

No, I will not like knitting socks. No, I will not like the feel of them on my foot when I try them on. No, I will not love turning the heel.


I'm knitting the Spring Forward pattern from Knitty. It's a lovely lace pattern that's quick to memorize. My yarn choice is Lion Brand Sock-Ease in Cotton Candy. I didn't want to spend much money on sock yarn if I ended up not liking to knit socks.

Lion Brand Sock Ease
Hot pink, light pink, lime green, and purple make up the colors in this yarn.
Fingering weight, 438 yd, 75% Wool, 25% Nylon

And now, for the other "S" word. SNOW. Oh, how I despise the snow when many inches fall. I won't be going anywhere today. I'll be lucky to go anywhere tomorrow. Nothing like a day to knit! These pictures are outside my window.




So, either be glad you aren't here right now, or wish you were here, whatever you fancy. I have no idea how many inches fell here, but I'm sure I'll be aware when I go and bring the toter in from trash day this morning!


Fluzz said...

I'd like about 10 inches of snow here, it'd get me a day off work without me calling in sick. Hubbie has given me a bug that's bad but not bad enough to call in sick, blurgh.

As for the other S word, I swore it too, I've knit 2.5 pairs and now I have the hang of magic loop am considering another pair.

MORGAN said...

I love snow, so I wish I was there (to meet you too btw)
I love the pink sock yarn!
sock knitting hasn't stolen my heart (yet) but I want to be good at it so much that I will never give up, and if that doesn't work I'll make 10 blankets with all the sockyarn I keep buying :p

Cindra said...

You guys got it worse than we did!

Christina said...

You can't resist the sock. The sock knows all, sees all, is all.... The sock demands your love. The sock demands your attention. The sock demands your stitches!!! =^)

knittersharmony said...

muahaha the sock monster has bitten you!

I've been eyeing that color of lion brand sock yarn. I'm not much of a pink person usually, but something about it catches my eye.

maryeb said...

I'm not terribly fond of knitting socks myself. I'm curious to see if you like them better as you go along.

I do like snow though. Lovely photos.