Thursday, March 5, 2009

Movie Knitting: Stick It

Movie of Choice: Stick It

Project of Choice: Skull and Crossbones Blanket

Stars (out of five): ***

What could be better than watching a movie about gymnastics? This movie brings out how catty and competitive that world can be (It's not called gym-nice-tics ya know). As a girl is forced to return to a world she once walked out out, Haley butts heads with new coach and teammates. She's also not one to stick to the rules and breaks them nearly every chance she gets. In the end everything works out in a stick and competitive competition.

This movie is mindless, a fun comedy to watch. It's from the writers of Bring It On, so it's got that flair to it.

I chose to work on my Skull and Crossbones blanket because it was there and I wasn't feeling all that steady at the time. It's coming along slowly, but that's the point of it.


erin said...

I have been contemplating naming my projects for the movies or TV series that I watch while working on them. I have even been thinking that I should combine my WIP updates with reviews of said movies/TV series. Now, I'm thinking it may seem like I stole the idea from someone else...

I loved the movie Bring it On, and the second one, so I might just have to get a copy of Stick It for the next time I'm home alone - I wouldn't inflict my bad taste in movies on my Jason (who has a more discerning palate).

smariek said...

I like reading blog posts about movies. Claudia at Mesmereyed also does that. This is how I find out about movies and file them away in my "to see" list sometime in the future when I have more time for movies.

Erin mentioned something I already do, naming stuff after TV or books. The 15 Scarves in my cable scarf series are named after planets & moons from the Firefly TV series. Other patterns were named after characters or places in novels.