Monday, March 2, 2009

The Peachest of Baby Blankets

This blanket was fabulous to knit. It's from the book 8-Hour Baby Blanket...Revisited from Plymouth. It was a joy to knit, and it did take 8 hours. Some of the other patterns out of the book may take longer, but any of the smaller blankets could easily be done in weekend.

I was commissioned to knit this blanket for a good friend (totally knit worthy!). After looking through some of the patterns in the book, she settled on the Diagonal Texture Baby Blanket. Knitting this blanket was enjoyable due to the fact that it wasn't solid stockinette stitch. Each row was made up of knits and purls, and was very easy to follow.

Done on size 13 needles and holding two strands of worsted together, the blanket works up quickly. I used Plymouth Encore Worsted in number 448.

If you need that last minute baby gift, go check out your lys and see if they have this book!




smariek said...

That's a nice quick blanket. I've given up on blankets, the last one I made took me 2.25 years and that's only because I cast off early cuz I was so fed up with the project that I did not want to join the next ball of yarn. And a year later, I still have not weaved in the ends.

Rosie said...

Gorgeous blanket, I love the color.

MORGAN said...

it's a beautiful blankie!

Steffi said...

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