Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Project March: Vivid Rose Mitts

Month: March

Project: Vivid Rose Mitts

Status: Both Mitts Completed

I finished the second mitt two weeks ago, after two solid days of working on them. Once you get going, these mitts become so easy to work. I'd love to make another pair of these some day.

I did have one problem, after I cast off. I put both mitts on, looked at them, and noticed that on the top of the left mitt, I'd done a k1p1 ribbing instead of the moss stitch. It wasn't all the way around the mitt, just on half of it. So I had to rip out the bind off and two rows to fix it. I hardly had enough yarn to finish the bind off for a second time.

I adore these mitts and I've received so many amazing comments on them.

March's Completed Project




Fluzz said...

Ooooh, those look lovely and snuggly.

MORGAN said...

look at your 'completed projects of 2009'! you have been a busy bee :)

MORGAN said...

and these mitts are lovely!