Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Have a Case of Startitis

I have a major case of startitis.

I started a pair of Musica Mitts today during my evening knitting group.


Then I came home and casted on for another Weekender Lace Wrap (No picture yet!).

There's a shrug that I want to cast on and start working on, raglan style. I want to cast on for a Booga Bag with some yummy Malabrigo.

Oh yeah, and there are these socks that I just started. I've finished the heel and the gusset for the first one. Socks are from Socks A La Carte.


I also have a hat that I've started, Selbu Modern.


I've got an unfinished shawl I'm working on when I feel like it. I think I'll be good on projects...For now!


MORGAN said...

I know the feeling!

MORGAN said...

(need to work on my music mitts, I can't get started on those, although I really want to make them and have them cast on)