Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Worst. Project. Ever

I'm glad that I got this kit for free, because I would have hated to think I paid the amount it retailed for. I despised knitting this with every stitch I knitted. I'm sure out there somewhere there's someone that enjoyed knitting this. The kit is for a elephant shaped baby bib, a hat, and rattle.

I have my reason for disliking it, as did someone else who knitted the same bib. The yarn supplied varied in thickness, even though it was the same brand of yarn. Along with that, the yarn seemed to be too thin to really work up well. Doing the intarsia wasn't enjoyable because of the yarn. Using metal needles wasn't a wise choice, but it was all I had at the time. As this was a gift, I needed to get it done.

I was knitting it for a frien
d of my aunt's. Her friend and her friend's husband are originally from India. It's good luck for an elephant to have it's trunk turned up, from what my aunt tells me. So when I was offered this kit, I knew it was perfect.

Off I went, started knitting, and disliked it from the start. It was difficult to work on because I just wanted to be done with it. I stuck with it to get it done and was thrilled when it was off the needles. I pinned it out to block it before sewing a backing on it. The bib stayed pin for a few weeks.

Finally got around to backing it, forgoing the crocheted edging. Lets just say the the backing didn't work out too well. That got removed, and I just gave the bib to my aunt. I was sick of
looking at it and wanted it out of my sight.

And the finished project looks....Kind of scary. I've started the peanut shaped rattle, but it's not priority. The bib was.

If you would like to knit this kit, you can purchase it here.

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MORGAN said...

alien bib, that is!