Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weirdest Place I've Knitted? Could Be!

If any of you are familiar with Vera Bradley, you probably know of the major sale in Ft. Wayne, Indiana each spring (and if you aren't familiar with Vera Bradley, the link is gladly provided). You have to wait in line to get into the sale, then you grab what you want, then you have to wait in line to pay for all of your goodies, and then you go home to admire all of your goodies and match bags and accessories and see what you still need and make your list for the next sale (last year they had a fall sale. Hopefully another one this year?).

I went up Saturday with my mom (she went Wednesday, the day the sale started, and got me what I wanted, plus some!), and had started a sock the night before so that I had something portable to slip into my bag.

I knitted in line while waiting to get into the sale. I knitted while I sat in a specifically taped off area with some of our VB goodies while mom went back to look around some more. I knitted while going through the weaving line to pay for all of our VB. I had young girls wondering what I was knitting, some other ladies saying, "Look, she's knitting!", and if anyone tried to grab something that was mine...well, they weren't going to get far (not that I promote violence with knitting needles, but when you're stuck in a group of women trying to grab a sought after bag/pattern that's dirt cheap, even though you didn't want to be stuck there, you do think about it....).

I do believe that knitting at the Vera Bradley sale is the weirdest place I've knitted...For now. Very public knitting!


MORGAN said...

don't know what my weirdest place is... will have to think about that one...

Joy said...

Ha! Two of the girls in my knitting group went to vote together and stood knitting in line on Election Day.