Friday, July 13, 2007

The Joy of FOs!

So much for posting yesterday. I do have a valid excuse though...

I finished the green/white baby blanket! Even better - it's a square this time! I have no idea how many hours I put into that thing yesterday. I think I was at Danner's for around four hours (was I really there that long?) working on the thing pretty much non stop. And then I came home and figured I'd try to finish it off. I have no idea how many more hours I put in here. And I mean hours. I feel like such a slow knitter when I think about how many hours I put into a simple baby blanket.

Or the giant dishcloth as it was nicknamed!

I've also just finished up the last of the seven scarves for Christmas. So my mom's friends are done. And way on time at that. I'm amazed at myself. Well, at least I will be once I locate two of the scarves. I thought I gave them to mom already but she says she doesn't have them...

I feel so good that I got this stuff done. But there's still so much I have to do for gifts! I can't find the pattern for the next baby blanket. It's...somewhere in my room. I guess that I should go look for it and then start the next blanket tomorrow or Sunday.

I also picked up some yarn today for a project that I've been dying to make. The yarn was only $0.75! How amazing is that?!

Tomorrow is a trip to the Children's Museum in Indy with a friend. It's a good break that I really need right now.

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