Friday, July 27, 2007

Yes, I'm Still Alive!

Well, I got through Harry Potter and the Death Hallows on Sunday. And what did I do after I was done with it?

I started knitting again!

I've got some good news. I've finished a couple of projects. I've got some bad news. I've started more new projects.

But the best news of all? I have pictures!

Which I would gladly post right now if I didn't have to be up in a few hours and really need to get some sleep.

Depending on how tomorrow goes (I'll be doing a lot of driving....literally half the state of Indiana and back up part of it....) and how awake I am when I get home, I'll post the pictures. But they are in my Photobucket account, so they are there.

Okay, just wanted to put an update in. Till tomorrow (or later today I guess, as it's just after 2 in the morning....)

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