Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flip Page Errors in Socks A La Carte

Wanted to make anyone with this book aware with some printing problems I've come across. Taking this directly from a post I made in the Ravelry group for Socks A La Carte.

I was using my flip pages and found some problems in my book, so you might want to check yours. I’ve only done this with the heel/toe part because I think it’s just a case of mislabeling.

In my book I have two flip pages labeled for:
Dutch Heel with Star Toe
V Heel with Origami Toe
Round Heel with Star Toe

In my book I don’t have flip pages labeled for:
V Heel with Double Decrease Toe
Dutch Heel with Double Decrease Toe
Round Heel with Classic Toe

I hope that everyone can follow the next part. Post any questions you may have.

1. V Heel with Double Decrease Toe - This is the 1st flip page labeled V Heel with Origami Toe. This is the 7th flip page.

2. Dutch Heel with Double Decrease Toe - This is the 2nd flip page labeled Dutch Heel with Star Toe. This is the 15th flip page.

3. Round Heel with Classic Toe - There is not a flip page for this heel/toe. Both flip pages labeled Round Heel with Star Toe are that heel/toe combo. These flip pages are 12 and 13.


Tammy said...

Thanks for this--I wasn't aware that there were so many errors in this book! I did find one that you missed though--a problem with a pattern! The pattern for the orgami toe says that you start with 64 stiches, then do 20 rows of p2tog and ssk, and you are somehow still supposed to end up with 64 stitches! I imagine it was a simple case of forgetting to put in a few yo's, but it makes the pattern very confusing. If I can, I will report these errors to the publisher and see if they will send me the correct pattern.

Mary said...

has anyone else found a problem with the origami heel in this book. It doesn't make sense to me. There is an errata page for this page online but it doens'address the problem I'm having. When one turns the heel according to the directions one ends up with a misshpen heel and too many st left unworked on the left side of the heel

Adrienne said...

Yes! There has to be something wrong with the pattern for the origami heel - what is missing?

Adrienne said...

Further google search found the errata page online with the correct directions for the origami heel (as well as corrections to another pattern). Haven't tried it yet, so we'll see.

Adrienne said...

Sorry, forgot to paste the website:


Mary said...

errata page for origami heel is now different than it was in 2009. Hopefully this is correct. Shall have to try it again and see. I emailed the publisher/authour about the previous error and never got an answer--very disappointing.

redknitter said...

So, Mary -- what did you decide about the latest errata posted for Socks a la Carte? I'm trying to work through the origami heel, and came to the same conclusion: I don't understand how you can reduce stitches for 20 rows and still end up with 64 stitches! And the errata doesn't address that issue . . . just gives me a different way to work the decreases!

Keya said...

If there is any problem about flip book pages. Just refer to the flip book software site. There are many tutorials that may help you.

Anonymous said...

Is it me, or is there an error in the EYES ON YOU pattern on page 35?

Debbie said...

I am working on Eyes on you right now. It looks nothing like the photo and I am debating whether or not to unknit and start another pattern. I also did the Ruffle Cuffle top and it looks nothing like the photo. My knitting expert friend looked it over and agreed. I am very disappointed in this book so far.