Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Times Like This

The last few days have been mentally draining on me. Too much going on for me to really handle. To the outside world it may seem like nothing at all. To me though, I'm left wondering when the next thing is going to shatter my world or make me question life altogether.

I started working on a new project to work on when my head is too cluttered to be able to sit down and write anything out. I started a blanket using a lace skull and crossbones pattern that can be used in nearly anything. I'm doing the blanket out of black and white.

No pictures yet as I just started and I'm only really working on it when I'm in a bad state.

Can it please be March 26th already? I don't have therapy until then unless I just happen to get an earlier appointment because someone else canceled...

*sigh* Eventually things are going to look up. Somehow, someway. They always do.

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Trish in MD said...

Hi Liz,

Sorry it sounds like you're having a tough time right now. Hang in there...

Just keep knitting... Just keep knitting... Just keep knitting...

And thanks for visiting my blog!!