Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Night! Part Two

I greatly enjoyed the Oscars this year. I love how they presented some of the major awards with winners gracing the stage, each one addressing a nominee. Loved the musical numbers, too! Watching the "In Memoriam"...It makes you realize how many great people were lost in the past year.

Slumdog Millionaire, a movie that was supposed to go straight to DVD, doing so well!
Penelope Cruz winning Supporting Actress. Heath Ledger winning for Supporting Actor, his family taking the stage to accept his award. Kate Winslet, who I love, winning Best Actress! And I'm not afraid to admit that I did cry. I loved her speech! Sean Penn and Dustin Lance Black winning for Milk. Now, for Best Picture...The winner is...Slumdog Millionaire! A fantastic night for this movie!!!!!!

So many great movies and the people that made them possible were nominated this year, and I have yet to see any of them! It's time to start watching. This year's Oscars has to be one of the most amazing!

I managed to get a few rows completed on the stole, enough to finish another pattern repeat. I was too entranced to knit on it much...

And so many good movies coming up later on in 2009!!!

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