Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Springing Forward In Completed Socks

I've completed my first pair of hand knit socks! Yes, there are mistakes, one of which I didn't catch until the one sock had been completed for a few days. It's just in the decrease area for the toe, so it won't be noticeable to anyone except myself, unless another knitter notices it.

I was sucked in the moment that I turned the heel. There's just something so magical, wonderful about that step.

I love how the socks fit, I love how hand knit socks feel on my feet. I may not knit another pair anytime in the near future, but this won't be the last pair that I knit!

Springing Forward Socks


These socks make the second project of January that I've completed, and second on the list for 2009.


MORGAN said...

yeay for you! they rock indeed!

knittersharmony said...

YAY first socks! They look cozy and pretty!

smariek said...

Congrats on your first socks! I just started learning and finished my first pair too, though they don't look quite as nice as yours.