Saturday, February 28, 2009

Project February: Upstairs Shawl

Month: February

Project: Upstairs Shawl

Status: Completed on the 2nd; sent out on the 27th

Finished so early, sent out so late. Basically, I just sat and knitted the rest of this shawl in one day. I wanted to get it completed, I wanted to get it sent out, and I wanted to move onto something new. Completed. Check. Sent out. Check. Started something new before it was sent out. Check. I really do hope that the recipient likes it, as it is a comfort shawl. Only time will tell.

I did enjoy knitting the Upstairs Shawl pattern and I do plan on knitting it again in a lace weight yarn. I do think this pattern could be adapted for nearly any weight of yarn and come out beautifully.

For this shawl I used Hobby Lobby's house brand, Baby Bee, in Sweet Delight Pomp Crayon. For a yarn that is mostly acrylic, it's got a soft hand to it. The small silver thread wrapped around it caught on the needles a lot though, so that was a pain. I believe that I used two full skeins and just a bit of a third. I'm not exactly sure. The shawl was knitted on size 8, 24" circular needles.

Overall, I do like how the shawl turned out and would easily make it again with this yarn as a gift.

I feel safe posting pictures, so here they are. The pooling doesn't seem as noticeable when you're looking at the shawl as it does when you're looking at the pictures.

February's Completed Project




MORGAN said...

you're on a good path ;)

BeebaBottoms said...

really pretty... but I can hardly read your tiny typeprint.