Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie Knitting: Step Brothers

Movie of Choice: Step Brothers

Project of Choice: Lace Stole

Stars (out of five): **

Tonight I rented Step Brothers from RedBox (gotta love free rental Monday!). Normally, I love Will Ferrell, but this movie did nothing for me. Sure, it had it's funny moments, as his movies do, but it didn't seem that anything really carried this movie. There were more F-Bombs dropped than I think I've ever heard in a single movie before. I've heard every word in the book, and it seems like every word was used in this movie. The storyline was unique and different, but it just did not play out well. The writing was horrible and repetitive. The acting seemed off, even forced at times. This movie will not be one of my recommendations to see. With this being all that I can say about this movie, that should be considered a good thing, as there's nothing good about it.

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