Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anxiety and Knitting

My anxiety level is high right now. It's over something a bit silly, but understandably, anxiety provoking for myself. I'll just have to deal with this for, oh, for 16 more days (and how horribly sad is it that I've already started a countdown?).

Obviously, this means turning to two things: my journaling and my knitting. Hopefully one or the other will help my anxiety level lower a little bit. Or, I can look at it as a way to finish projects.

So, lets see what I can get done in 16 days. Maybe I'll have a rare thing called a Finished Object?

I fixed my error in my Juno Regina last night, so it's off and running with that again. What I'm knitting now is so tedious and boring, yet oddly relaxing at the same time because I don't really have to think about what it is that I'm doing. But, I know with time it will become something that people will look at and go, "Where did you get that?" or "You made that?"

I also frogged my beaded scarf again. Eventually that will turn out how I want it.

Off to do some knitting or writing. Watching cartoons sounds like a plan, too. I love cartoons!

And speaking of cartoons, I picked up the coolest book at the library today. It's about all of Nickelodeon's cartoons! The cover of the one I have looks different and isn't slime filled, as this one is. I must have this book! I must have the slime filled version! There's not a lot of reading in it, but it's filled with pictures from the shows. Storyboards, cells, production pictures among other things. If you love Nicktoons, especially some of the older ones, grab this book!

I actually blogged about something other than knitting. Wow.

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morgan said...

16 days is ok, and I'll be there on every one of them ;)