Sunday, June 8, 2008

The First Appearance of Juno Regina

In April (I think), I came across lace weight Malabrigo. I didn't have anything in mind to knit with it, but it was Malabrigo, and it was lace weight, and I had just gotten into lace knitting. Surely I would find something, right? So out of Stitches and Scones I went with my Malabrigo, ready to look on Ravelry for a pattern.

I don't remember how quickly I came across this pattern, but when I found Juno Regina , I pretty much knew that was what I was going to make. It would be my first complicated lace pattern, and my first pattern were I really needed to pay attention to, and follow, a chart. Plus the fact that I could actually sit and concentrate on a pattern such as this.

I cast on for Juno Regina on May 1, 2008. It started out simple enough and moved quickly. I think the picture on the left is after I finished chart one. I'm not really sure though. Just a guess. After finishing each reapeat of the chart, I made sure to add my life line. It would be just like me to mess up and not have that in and have to start all over again!

Throughout the process of knitting the most complicated portion of this project, I only needed to rip out to my lifeline once. Although I only had to frog one time, I'm positive there are many mistakes throughout the first half of this stole. No project is completely perfect though, right?

I think I took this picture after completing all repeats of chart three. The design is somewhat difficult to see in this colorway right now, but that will change after blocking. I wasn't sure how this colorway would knit up anyhow, looking at the skein. For now, at least, any mistakes are hidden. Chart three and four were finished on June 5.
I'm now knitting the easiest part of the stole. I'm going to knit until I almost run out of yarn from my first skien, and that will take me awhile! Since I'm at that part though, I can take this WIP to places and not have to worry too much that I'll screw something up. Just in case, my lifeline is going to stay in place for awhile! Then I'm going to knit the second half of the stole before grafting them together.
I've got some other WIPs that I'll be blogging about soon! I finished a beaded hat, and I'm working on the matching scarf. I've also got another lace shawl in the works.

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