Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Little Wrap With a Twist of Russian

After a bit of fighting with my wrap, I've finally knitted the first skein completely. I had to frog a large chunk of it one evening after finding a mistake, and I hadn't moved my lifeline as I should have long before. I became angry at myself over something little. It must be that perfectionist in me. I never believed I'd get through the first skein of yarn. Have you ever had one of those skeins that you felt was never going to end?

After one skein, my wrap is 16 inches (42 cm) long. The picture really shows how the color is pooling, although looking at it while knitting it shows a completely different look. I like how it's turning out, almost like rosebuds. Perhaps I should rename it my Rosebud Wrap?

While surfing around the forum on Ravelry today, I came across a thread about weaving in the ends of the yarn. One person posted about the Russian Join, and curious, I took a look at the link which lead to a tutorial on how to execute this join. I thought that I would try it for this project as there isn't a great place to weave in the ends except right along the edge where there is garter stitch.

The Russian Join was easy to accomplish with this yarn, surprisingly. I think it has now become my favorite type of join, and one that I will use on anything that I possibly can! If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out. No more wasting time weaving in your ends!

Here's a closer look at the wrap as I work on it.

Other Russian Join Tutorials

*KnittingHelp.com ~ Scroll down to Joining A New Color Yarn to find the video

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