Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Wrap Report

I've decided to try and become better about posting pictures of projects while they are in the WIP stage. And with needing knitting to help me get through the next couple of weeks, now is the best time to start!

This is my Springtime Shawl. To make this shawl, I'm using Crystal Palace Maizy Springtime, the yarn made partly from corn fibers. It's a sock yarn, but as I don't see the need of knitting socks, I decided to make the shawl. The pattern is also a Crystal Palace pattern, the Weekender Lace Wrap. It's a very easy four row pattern repeat. I don't know why I had so many problems with it in the beginning. It just didn't want to work with me! I put in a lifeline, just incase I would somehow screw this up. I'm bound to screw up something so simple. This one will be just a bit longer than the pattern states as I have a bit more yarn than called for.

I also really like the way this pattern is showing off the colors of this yarn.

Here's a closer look at the pattern and the colors. I'm almost one fully skein into the project, and I have four skeins total.

Okay, that's it for this edition of The Wrap Report!

(OMB, I can be so cheesy sometimes.)


teabird said...

It's so pretty - and it really does show off the colors.

rebelangelrose said...

that is a pretty wrap!
it'll be great for summer!